Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Arts & CultureLocal artist Sue Adams unveils works at University of Windsor

Local artist Sue Adams unveils works at University of Windsor

On October 2nd the unveiling of a sculpture and a drawing by local artist Sue Adams will be one of the highlights of the opening of the University of Windsor Welcome Centre .

Construction of a new $8.4-million facility at the University of Windsor has been completed and University president Alan Wildeman says it will be a gateway to the campus. “The purpose is to create an address for the University of Windsor, a place that can house our student recruitment all the way through to our alumni affairs activities, to really create a centre that’s the [360-degree] experience of the University of Windsor, from the time people first come, to their lifelong engagement with us,” Wildeman said. “Architecturally, it’s going to be very unique. It’s going to create a very welcoming and iconic structure that will be a big part of our campus master plan, completing the welcome commons.”

Sue Adams, an alumnus of the University of Windsor, was sought out for one of her provocative, sensitive sculptures, previously included in her exhibit at Galerie d’Avignon in Montreal last September. The sculpture, entitled Leda, will be permanently installed in the new Welcome Centre at the University of Windsor. Along with the sculpture will be a drawing which the artist did during her first year towards her BFA.

The site for the new Welcome Centre has been built on the very site of the old Fine Arts Building where Sue studied. To learn more about the new site: To view Sue Adams’ sculptures, visit:

Sue Adams




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