Almonte Civitan Donation
Lanark County Interval House would like to extend a very big THANK YOU to our friends at the Almonte Civitan for their kind donation of $2500.00 to support the women and children fleeing violence in our community. It is donations such as this that allows LCIH to do the important work of educating our community on how serious the issue of violence against women and children is. While it is not an enjoyable thing to talk about, it is something we all must think about in order to end it. For those of us who are blessed to live in a home where yelling, threats and physical abuse is not the norm, it is so important to support those who do live in this kind of nightmare. Allow yourself to think about what a violent home might feel like for women and children who experience fear every day. How does one carry on with the everyday tasks of life, when there is constant fear of what the evening will bring? Over 2000 women used the Lanark County Interval House crisis support line in 2013 and over 500 women and children were supported through the LCIH Outreach programs. These are statistics that come from within our community and prove that violence exists.

We can all support this cause by learning about the issues of violence against women and children in our community before deciding whether or not it happens in our backyard. We can remind women and children that they are not alone in their fight by volunteering for the LCIH, shopping at the As Good As New Store, or financially supporting the services that are provided in our community like the Almonte Civitan did.

On behalf of all the women and children that we serve, Lanark County Interval House would like to thank those in our community who believe that ENDING violence against women and children is a cause worth fighting for and discussion worth having.

by Brianne Luckasavitch
Public Education Coordinator & Family Court Support Worker
Lanark County Interval House