Sunday, February 5, 2023
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NewsLong-service awards ceremony honoured AGH, FVM and LCAS staff

Long-service awards ceremony honoured AGH, FVM and LCAS staff

agh_logo LCAS LogoOn December 7, 2013, 69 staff members of Almonte General Hospital (AGH), Fairview Manor (FVM) and Lanark County Ambulance Service (LCAS) were honoured for a total of 975 years of service to patients and residents. The award recipients were:

  45 Years – Joanne Arkell, Registered Nurse (RN), Emergency Department (ER).

  40 Years – Heather Clement, RN, Medical/Surgical Unit (MSU); Ann Hordichuk, RN, Obstetrical Unit (OBS); Joan Scott, Office Administrator, LCAS, Carleton Place Base (CPB).

  35 Years – Ruth Bowes, RN, FVM; Irene Hilliard, RN, MSU.

  30 Years – Shirleydawn Colton, Food Service Aide, Dietary Services (DS); Marie Mitchell, Support Services Aide, Housekeeping; Nicole Proulx, Registered Practical Nurse (RPN), Occupational Therapy (OT).

  25 Years – Dr. Heather Abramenko, Physician; M. Kathleen Fry, LCAS, Almonte Base (AB); Donald Dawson, Cook, DS; Robin Soule, RPN, MS; Diane Villeneuve, Physiotherapy Aide, Physiotherapy; Tanya Yuill, Aide, DS.

20 Years – Tammy Devlin, RPN, FVM; Janet Risch, RPN, Rosamond Unit (RU); Catherine Porteous, RPN, MS.

15 Years – Amanda Becking, RN, Operating Room (OR); Tammy Bowden, RPN, FVM; Judy Cameron, Aide, Laundry; Kristina Groulx, Charge Technologist, Lab; Carmel McCann, RN, ER; Avis Ward, RN, OR.

10 Years – Donna Abson, Food Service Aide, DS; Andrea Braid, LCAS Smiths Falls Base (SFB); Leon Budziszewski, LCAS, AB; Melanie Closs, Aide, Housekeeping; Christopher Cregan, LCAS, CPB; Katherine Cole, Health Care Aide (HCA), FVM; Terra Drummond, Medical Receptionist, Clinics; Diane Eve, Aide, Housekeeping; Rose-Mary Gillen, Pharmacist Assistant, Pharmacy; Wendy Jackson-McIntosh, Cook, DS; Helen Jewczy, Laboratory Technician, Lab; Colleen Johnston, Certified Food Service Aide, DS; Ronald Johnson, LCAS, CPB; Cathy Larose-Ford, HCA, FVM; Valerie Perrier, HCA, FVM; Sean Plunkett, LCAS, AB; Katherine Purdy, Certified Food Service Aide, Laundry; Scott Smith, LCAS, AB.

  5 Years – Patricia Carry, HCA, FVM; Shawn Castonguay, LCAS, Perth Base (PB); Ashley Charlebois, Recreation Therapist, FVM; Angele Crites, Ultrasonographer, Ultrasound; Josephus Crooy, HCA, FVM; Sandy Errett, RN, RU; Darryl Fleming, LCAS, SFB; Elizabeth Fraser, Aide, OR; Lisa Marie Gordon, RN, ER; Chrissie Graham, RPN, FVM; Stephanie Hancock Letemplier, HCA, FVM; Melanie Jones, Pharmacist Assistant, Pharmacy; Jennifer Kennedy, RPN, MS; Joseph Kirkham, LCAS, SFB; Tanya Lalonde, RPN, OT; Nancy Macdonald, RPN, RU; Allen McDiarmid, Engineer, Maintenance; Shannon Munro, HCA, FVM; Dr. Jody Murray, Physician; Lynda Elaine Newell, RN, ER; David Nitschmann, LCAS, SFB; Carolyn Pope, RPN, FVM; Julie Rice, Recreation Therapist, FVM; Christopher Robillard, LCAS, PB; Connie Ryan HCA, FVM; Tracy Ryan, RPN, FVM; Randi Saunders, HCA, FVM.




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