Sunday, March 26, 2023
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LivingMary Dillabaugh steps down from Guiding after 35 years

Mary Dillabaugh steps down from Guiding after 35 years

It’s with very emotional feelings that I have resigned after 35 years of Guiding.

I am very proud of the services I have given over the years, and have held various offices, attended and participated in various Conferences and Seminars during my tenure.

During my tenure, I have seen my three daughters Sherri-Lee, Cynthia and Sarah join the organization and all three of them obtained the All Round Cord in Guiding and Sherri-Lee and Cynthia obtained their Canada Cord.

I have been the District Commissioner and Division Commissioner.

I have received my 35-year pin from the Province.

Knowing, that I have helped all three of my daughters succeed in Guiding and my granddaughter being initiated, it leaves a warm feeling when I think of them.  Hundreds of other young ladies have had the same opportunity during my 35 years and I wish them all the very best in future years.

I would like to thank the girls and guiders of the 3rd Almonte Guides for their visit on November 11, who presented me with the lovely sign and cards they made.

I would also like to thank Levi for his card and all the kind words.

It was all greatly appreciated and you made me feel special.

Mary Dillabaugh




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