Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Science & NatureEnvironmentMay 3rd action for climate justice

May 3rd action for climate justice

Chandler Swain

Info: please visit www.fridaysforfuture.ca

I have been so inspired in the past few weeks by news of Climate Justice actions taking place around the world. My hope is renewed that we can all, as a human family around the globe, pull together to make the big changes necessary to keep the planet from warming to the point that it’s uninhabitable for our children and grandchildren.

Like everyone who has seen the videos of Greta Thunberg addressing the rich power brokers at Davos and The United Nations or heard Sir David Attenborough addressing an auspicious audience at the British Museum for the premiere of his new Netflix series: Our Planet, citizens of Mississippi Mills will certainly be moved to action to help save our biosphere.

However, it was watching the extensive coverage of the Extinction Rebellion over the past couple of weeks that has served to steel my resolve to do everything I can to turn business as usual around. I had a good friend participate in this action: a lovely Grandmother from a pretty rural town in England who camped out on the streets of London prepared to be arrested along with over 1000 others to be heard: business as usual is over! Wow!

Further to my elation at seeing the impact of these devoted souls putting their own comfort on the line for us all, was the ripple effect of their example widening around the world. ( there is lots of good coverage of The Extinction Rebellion on YouTube etc.) Then I chanced upon a wonderful film made by among others Naomi Klein, Avi Lewis and narrated by Alexandria Octavio-Cortez. It is a short concise overview of The New Green Deal. 

I urge everyone to give up a very small, portion of your day to watch this little film: you will have hope renewed! I’m certain you will be inspired to join your fellow citizens in the next action for Climate Justice planned around the world for May 3rd. There was a wonderful colourful crowd at the last gathering in front of the Old Town Hall in Almonte.

(Re: May 3rd. CALL (Citizens Call for Climate Action in Lanark County and Smiths Falls), are organizing a rally this Friday, May 3. For more information on these demonstrations please visit www.fridaysforfuture.ca

I am hoping this film can be shown to all high school kids: https://youtu.be/d9uTH0iprVQ. They are our hope for the future. A future that we have brought to the brink of destruction by being so complacent in the face of dire warnings, all coming frighteningly true, for the last 30 years. We know our lifestyle is warming the planet and every decision we make, every dollar we spend, from now on must go towards changing that.

Watch this film, rewatch speeches by Greta Thunberg! Then show up to be seen and heard on May 3rd. Regular people have the power to change our future outlook for the better.





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