Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Election 2014Mayor calls 'special meeting' to attempt heritage bylaw repeal, discuss TYPS: Thursday

Mayor calls 'special meeting' to attempt heritage bylaw repeal, discuss TYPS: Thursday

Incumbent mayor John Levi has called a special meeting of Council for Thursday, October 23 — four days before the municipal election — to debate three issues:

  1. Take Young People Seriously Youth Centre – Closing
  2. By-law 14-93 – Repeal By-law 14-86 being a by-law to establish a Heritage Conservation District Study Area
  3. Council direction to staff to contact Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to direct Ministry of Natural Resources to review the Environmental Impact Study and request the Lanark County Land Division withhold a decision until MNR comments are received and considered.

It’s the Millstone’s understanding that the mayor asked TYPS board members to attend this last-minute meeting and that they have declined, preferring instead to attend a previously-scheduled Committee of the Whole session on November 12.

Meeting details:

Thursday, October 23, 2014, 6:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, Municipal Office


The Millstone has just been advised of the following procedural rules pertaining to  the ‘repeal’ and ‘reconsideration’ of Council motions and by-laws:

i. Once disposed of, Council shall not reconsider the same question or by-law
until a motion to reconsider the question or by-law has been disposed of by

ii. When a question or by-law has been presented and disposed of either in
the affirmative or negative, it shall be in order for any Member who voted
with the majority of the original motion to move for reconsideration. The
Chair may ask the Member to confirm that he/she voted with the majority on
the issue in question. A seconder for a motion to reconsider is required and
such motion to reconsider shall be reduced in writing. A motion of
reconsideration shall be approved by a 2/3 majority vote.

iii. A motion for reconsideration shall not be in order if Council is made aware
that the question or by-law has been implemented resulting in legally
binding commitments as of the date the motion to reconsider is moved.

iv. Debate on a motion to reconsider shall be confined to such matters as new
information that has come forward, an error in documentation presented or
incorrect statements made during the original debate. Debate on the
subject matter of the question or by-law proposed for reconsideration shall
be prohibited until the motion to reconsider has been disposed of.

v. If a motion to reconsider has been carried in the affirmative, no action shall
be taken to carry into effect the question or by-law until that question or bylaw
has been presented to Council for reconsideration.

vii. A vote to reconsider a decided matter shall not be considered more than
once in a twelve-month period from the date the motion/resolution was
approved by Council.

viii. A motion can be introduced again at any future term of Council without a
motion to reconsider.





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