by John Levi

John LeviI had not seen most of these post before but made good reading tonight. Everyone is interested in the facts. I would like to offer some to help people decide.
1) The engineering study on flooding has been completed and agreed upon by MNR in conjunction with MVCA. The MVCA is only an advisory group to MNR thus not approval agency.
2) The new weir will allow water to flow over upper fall during all daylight hrs. By eliminating the board weir we will no longer have board and broken boards flowing down river which are a hazard. New weir will be fully adjustable down to zero height which will allow better flood prevention
3) With the modification of being able to use old power house for flood relief the overall flood risk will be reduced.
4) As for design of building a committee will be formed with representatives from council, heritage committee, public and architect will come up with proposal.
5) all falls will be preserved as they are.

This list satisfy the issues that I was most concerned with thus I support the proposal.

This plant will attract people interested in technology