Seek and ye shall find!

Those “poor old men of Mississippi Mills” have been seeking out a home.  Last we spoke the local men’s shed group reached out via the Millstone in hopes of finding a place they can call their own, a place where men can sit, share a coffee, a chat, and work on simple projects.  While waiting for the perfect place this group has been active and supportive of area men.

Every two weeks “shedders” gather for a social breakfast at Mama’s Place Restaurant in Almonte and every opposite week gather for a relaxing get together at the Mill of Kintail gatehouse.

To date the men have adopted the name “Naismith Men’s Shed” with the blessing of the Naismith family.  Jim Naismith, grandson of Dr. James Naismith, of Corpus Christi, Texas was happy with this choice of name for our local shed.  Much like Dr. Naismith, the Naismith Men’s Shed seeks to provide a special place to develop sound minds and bodies of its members.

Recently, men’s shed volunteers helped build the new accessible raised garden beds at the Almonte Public Library. These new gardens dubbed, the “pizza garden” is another project of the Neighbourhood Tomato Community Gardens and a welcome companion piece adjacent to their “Friendship Oven.”  <photo>

With the kind help of Auni Milne, of Sumack Loft Design, a logo representative of the ideals of our name and purpose shine through this artwork.  “A basketball image has been used as a base for the design,“ she mentions, “with the centre line and the curve of the men’s sides as the lines on the ball. Subtle nod, but there. This logo conveys a brand character of:  healthy minds and bodies; lively, not formal; more community than shed; a nod to basketball; welcoming and friendly; organic; not flippant or silly; strength; inviting and accessible; brotherhood; sitting “shoulder to shoulder” while reaching out.”

And a home will come! At present discussions with the Mississippi Valley Conservation are underway regarding the use of the former “gardeners shed” at the Mill of Kintail as a gathering place and workshop. Other discussions regarding the possible use of a residential fully outfitted four season woodworking shop are also under way.  Stay tuned as these developments get “nailed” down!  The best way to keep informed is to purchase a $1 annual Naismith Men’s Shed membership and join the fellowship times where news is shared and plans are made.

Yes a home will come but it’s the friendships and support of other men that is the focus of every Men’s Shed.  This fall a “mobile” men’s shed of sorts is planned with “coffee and conversation” times at the Mills Community Support’s “Stan Mills Lounge” and Orchard View Senior’s Residence in their “activity room”.  Members of the Naismith Men’s Shed are taking the shed to the men of the community in both cases.

Perhaps you are a man Interested in joining in? Got stories to share? Need to get away from your TV? Could benefit from the company of other men? Join us for breakfast the first and third Thursdays of the month at 8:00 a.m. at Mamma’s or one of our get-togethers at the Mill of Kintail the second and fourth Thursdays at the MoK gatehouse board room at 7:00 p.m. and learn more about our burgeoning plans. Word has it we may be building a new cottage privy for one of our members!  To find out more contact,  Shedders, Dave Steventon <>  or John Peters <>.