by Edith Cody-RiceProposed downtown heritage assessment study

We unreservedly apologize to Mr. Gamble for any confusion or misunderstanding. He did provide to the Millstone a tax bill which shows that he owns Part Lot 52 on Brae Street. The street address of that property is 77 Brae Street. In the analysis of the documentation provided by Mr. Gallagher, the individual property owners of the town were not searched to see what else they owned in Almonte, only the properties identified by the owners were searched. Mr. Gamble had signed a letter of intent for a property at 52 Brae Street.  Thus, the small vacant lot that Mr. Gamble owns on Brae street was not located at that time as, according to registration documents the street address 52  Brae Street does not exist. A subsequent search of Mr. Gamble’s name does identify a vacant lot on Brae Street registered to him, but the street address of that lot is 77 Brae Street, not #52. The legal description of the property is Part Lot 52, Plan 6262.The lot is essentially a laneway, of 32 feet wide by 115 feet deep, with 32 feet of frontage on Brae Street.  There is a small (approx 10×10) storage shed on the property.