Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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EnerduMississippi Mills Councillor Ferguson responds to Nathan Rudyk

Mississippi Mills Councillor Ferguson responds to Nathan Rudyk

Denzil FergusonThe letter forwarded by Mr. Nathan Rudyk ( June 19, 2014 ) draws interest and an obvious response.  I do not make a habit of either commenting on published articles or writing letters ‘to the editor’ and will not continue with follow ups.  However  I feel there must be a response to the comment (s) ‘spineless’ council of which by definition I am one.  I have the pleasant opportunity and good fortune of representing the fine people of Pakenham Ward.  I am proud of my record, my representation and what has been accomplished with the spine God gave me. I fail to be dragged into Mr. Rudyk’s definition in the event that he too could be identified in this category.  I am very impressed with the ‘spine’ Mr. Rudyk has shown by tossing angry grenades at Council and then walking away by ignoring the real decision- makers.  Stand up and be counted, don’t sit back, fire ammunition and hope that it will not rebound like a boomerang. If the writer is so knowledgeable and in tune with all issues in Almonte why has he not taken the time to listen, observe and take note of what has been done from a Council perspective (Councillor Dalgity “sets the record straight)”) oh I forgot, much dialogue is researched with blinders on and can only be seen without the benefit of fact vs fiction. We have the opportunity of living in one of the most desirable areas in the country.  However, for obvious reasons there are rules, policies, and regulations that we must follow in order to continue this lifestyle. The division of powers and responsibilities in Canada and Ontario is elementary and taught in every school.  Choosing to ignore it is not an intelligent decision of any politician whether they are spineless or not.  Enerdu Management, Mississippi Mills (spineless) Council and the Province of Ontario have followed these rules. However, that does not appear sufficient to meet the writer’s demands? Certainly you can call councillors as many names as you see fit , however, to infer ‘spineless; does not in my opinion cast you in the shining light category but portrays an individual attempting to catch mosquitoes with a butterfly net. I have not witnessed many examples of Mr Rudyk working the political path or driving on  Highway #7  to Queens Park to make his case with the persons in authority to make the necessary decisions.   The ‘butt-ugly’ cementbehemoth  that is planned in our ‘industrial’ river which Mr. Rudyk states, is interesting since the distributed rendering was faced with stone. As a fellow entrepreneur I expected more? It is no wonder that good people are discouraged form running for public office when some individuals are so indescribably harsh of ordinary people who are simply trying to do the best for our community.

Denzil Ferguson
Pakenham Ward
Mississippi Mills Council




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