Town of MM report on the endangered Rapids Clubtail dragonfly

Rapids Clubtail dragonfly image from COSEWIC study
Rapids Clubtail dragonfly image from COSEWIC study

Excerpt pages from the 2015-08-25 Committee of the Whole agenda on this very rare dragonfly found in the falls are in Almonte, Blakeney, and Pakenham:


From the executive summary:

“Only a few hundred individuals of the Rapids Clubtail dragonfly exist in Canada, all in Ontario. Of the four locations in the province where this dragonfly has been spotted in the last 15 years, three are in Mississippi Mills. This insect is one of the most threatened in Ontario and is classified as endangered in provincial and federal legislation.  Of the three confirmed sites in Mississippi Mills—the falls at Pakenham, Blakeney and Almonte—the latter has activities pending that could harm the remnant population.”

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The report urges citizen  action to protect this rare species. 

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