Friday, December 2, 2022
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Almonte General Hospital CT scanner going to tender

CT campaign reboot takes place More than 60...

Please keep help supporting orphans in Haiti

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Craft sale to support Union Hall renovations, December 10

Union Hall renovations funded through craft sales, donations In...
LivingNew board game rental business opens in town

New board game rental business opens in town

There’s a new game in town.

For bored gamers out there looking for a way to try out a variety of board games, Almonte now has a lending library to provide those options.

What we are: your Exciting New Almonte Boardgame Lending Exchange & Resale Shack… [your ENABLERS] is a lending library where your membership gives you access to dozens of games to check-out for as long as you like, no rental fees, no late fees, no stress.

Why we do this: After looking around at other options and finding only “rental” models where a boardgame rental would cost upwards of 10% of the retail price for just 3 days, I felt something better could be done, something akin to a tool lending library.

How it works: members pick a subscription right for them and for one annual fee and deposit may checkout games up to the deposit amount for as long as they like. All games in the library can be browsed at where each game is categorized into the deposit amount required with links to the boardgamegeek site, the most extensive boardgame database online with info about each title.  Once you pick a game just send us an email to arrange a time for pickup.

Check us out online at or contact us by email at   A membership would make a great Christmas gift and give families dozens of games to try for a year to come.




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