Friday, December 2, 2022
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SportsNorth Lanark Senior Games (District 7A)

North Lanark Senior Games (District 7A)

2015 bocce 1

The local senior games association has been working hard organizing games in May & June so the winners could participate in the Regional Games to be held in Kingston this year. Every second year province wide Ontario Senior Games are held so in the “off year”,they are held in smaller regions. Since no district offered to host this year in eastern Ontario,the head office people are organizing them leading to extra difficulties because they are in Toronto trying to find facilities and volunteers in Kingston. This resulted in the original date of August 12 being moved back to Sept. 16 which meant some changes in who could go.

Locally almost 100 people participated with about 40 planning to attend on Sept.16, playing in everything from cribbage to golf and bowling so they hope to bring home some medals but the real emphasis in on keeping seniors active.Two volunteers are helping run the games there.

2015 lawn bowlers edited

At the last regional meeting to avoid a repeat of the problems of this year, every district had to pledge a year they would host the regional games. District 7A will host the 2019 games. We now have to make our local councils aware of this so it can be included in their budgets. Our district covers Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place, and parts of Beckwith and Lanark Highlands.

Our local Executive is happy to welcome new people on board- 2nd Vice President-Dave Cave; Treasurer-Janet Davidson; Registrar-Art Levi; and Fundraisers-Debby Hayes,Winona Duffen, Barry & Carole Pascoe.

Local Winter Games which could cover everything from skiing ,curling,bowling and bridge will be advertised this fall but the next Winter Games will be in Coburg from Feb.21-13 in 2017. The big event next year is the +55 Summer Games from Aug.9-11, 2016 in the Midland District. Those of us who attended last year’s games in Windsor wonder how over 1000 seniors will be accomodated in a much more rural area but they must have a plan..

Good luck to all going to Kingston to represent our district this month!




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