Thursday, August 18, 2022
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LivingPakenham’s Scoops debuts new look

Pakenham’s Scoops debuts new look


by Lydia Charron

Spring brings warm weather… but more importantly, ice cream! Scoops, the frozen treat parlour in Pakenham, has undergone exciting changes this season.

Owner Vic Bode

Recent owner Vic Bode has added his own touch to the beloved 1987 establishment. “I felt it was time that we needed a little facelift at Scoops. With the help of a local entrepreneur who’s very good at graphic arts, we sat down last winter and came up with a kind of retro look, but something more colourful and more interesting,” he says.

Why, you may ask? Bode says that as a business owner he wants to welcome people to Pakenham, and part of that “is making the place feel warm and fuzzy.”

One of Scoops’ newest offerings is fudge from Fitzroy Harbour’s Penny’s Fudge Factory. Since purchasing the business last fall, Bode has realized that his three businesses (Scoops, Penny’s Fudge Factory and Carnivic Lodge B&B) all have to do with his love for servicing the community. He says, “If I can provide a service that’s as good as possible, I get a lot of personal satisfaction out of it.”

To complement the pine gazebo built in 2012 by Pakenham timber framer Stephen Snaith, Bode has refaced Scoops with locally-sourced lumber, sharp new signage and classic lighting, all installed by area tradesmen. The new Scoops captures the feeling of yesteryear, inviting you to “be a kid in the candy store all over again.” Come see their new look!





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