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LivingHealthPatient safety is no accident at the Almonte General Hospital

Patient safety is no accident at the Almonte General Hospital

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  Patient Safety Week is October 31-November 6. The Almonte General Hospital/Fairview Manor (AGH/FVM) held an internal contest to come up with a slogan for the week. The winning suggestion was ?Patient safety is no accident? from AGH Ultrasound Technologist Angele Crites. Below, Ms Crites talks about patient safety means to her.


Handwashing is a very important part of infection control,? explains Ms Crites. I wash my hands with soap or hand sanitizer before and after seeing every patient. Visitors to the Hospital should wash their hands before and after entering a patient's room.

Patient Identification

Every patient at AGH, including outpatients, now receives an armband while at the Hospital, says Ms Crites. This ensures they are correctly identified while they are here and prevents any mix-ups relating to patient records.

Patient Transfer 

Some patients find it difficult to get up on or down from the ultrasound table, says Ms Crites. In these cases, to ensure patient safety, I have someone help me lift the patient on and off the table.


I tell each patient when their doctor will receive the report from their ultrasound test so they can follow up and receive the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Equipment Maintenance

I have the ultrasound equipment serviced on a regular basis, to ensure it is safe and working properly, says Ms Crites.


I, along with all the staff at the Hospital, attend in-service training sessions on patient safety, says Ms Crites. Information, instruction and training are provided to all staff to enable them to perform their work safely and efficiently.


I get involved in patient safety by sharing my experiences and reporting anything I think may detract from patient safety, explains Ms Crites. I try to treat patients how I would want my parents and children to be treated. All the staff here are committed to making sure that everyone who receives care in our the Almonte General Hospital experiences a safe and careful environment.




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