Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Pitch-In Time

by Pam Steele

Almonte is in serious need of some generous Pitch-In Peeps – that’s you and me – people who will give their time and energy to pick up some pop cans and potato chip wrappers.
My trusty wheelbarrow and I started early for this year’s Pitch-In because I’m anticipating some warm biking weather and this year I have a vow to keep: I will not see the same garbage in the ditches each time I ride my favourite routes. I didn’t throw the garbage there, but since it disgusts me, it’s my problem to fix.
Only some from my street
Only some from my street
Your Street?
Your Street?

I knew I had to start early – as soon as the snow was out of the ditches and before the grasses start coming up. This pile of garbage is the result of my second trip up Malcolm Street and along Strathburn – past Wolfe Grove Creek, the Glen and Flower Hill – some of the prettiest spots in Almonte. I’m proud that I rescued some plastic water bottles from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. (Those bottles weren’t looking forward to their spill into the Mississippi-Ottawa-St. Lawrence River chain and their long float in the ocean currents until they piled up in the Patch.) Sadly, I still haven’t picked up all the litter along my street.  And the garbage on your street? Will I even get there? I’m hoping you and your good neighbours will help.

Pick up your Pitch-In bags from Baker Bob’s, the Appleton Museum, the Clayton General Store, Nicholson’s Sundries or the Info Centre at the Almonte Old Town Hall. Collect as much litter as you can. Let’s help Almonte’s natural beauty shine. You can leave your Pitch-In bags out for regular pick-up (without a sticker) until April 29th. If you like camaraderie, join the Pitch-In gang downtown in Almonte on Saturday, April 16th from 9-noon.
You know, when Almonte and these surrounding concession roads were in their infancy, every household was responsible for spending two or more days a year on the maintenance of the road in the vicinity of its farm/house. People understood that doing their civic duty would benefit themselves and their neighbours too. People took pride in their new Canadian homeland. We need to get out there again this April, right now, and rekindle that pride in this pretty piece of Ontario in which we are so lucky to live.
I’d love to see pictures of the garbage piles you collect. Besides the 10¢ per beer can reward for helping, you can also brag and complain to me. Comment below and tell me where I can now bike and see nothing but beauty, thanks to you.
As you pitch-in and hear geese honk above you, know they are saying a heartfelt ‘thank you’.




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