Enerdu – Cavanagh and the noise by-law

Cavanagh Construction wishes to work longer hours (which they have been doing) to speed up construction on the ENERDU project. However there is a noise by-law that would prevent work during certain hours of the day. In order to increase the work hours, Council would have to allow them an exemption from the Noise By-law over the course of a pre-designated period of time.

Cavanagh’s first request to Council on this matter was initially denied but then put on the agenda shortly before the meeting. Unfortunately, according to some of Cavanagh’s key people, they were unable to attend given the short notice.

Council responded with an unorthodox request to the construction company to hold a meeting with nearby residents, many of whom had protested against them, to ask for their approval. This is tantamount to throwing more wood on the fire. This will not resolve the problem.

PRATAC’s position on this matter:

There has been much controversy on this project over its entire duration with much of it coming from many of the Councillors and the Mayor. We get it. We understand they were in opposition to the project, but the project is well underway and approved by the Province. They need to provide leadership, move on and offer a proper and meaningful response and not one that will cause more controversy or delay.

PRATAC would like to see Council or some members of Council meet with representatives of ENERDU along with a representative of The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority. The construction schedule will have to be compared to the expected flows over the next month. It may reveal that fast-tracking or condensing the construction schedule is the most sensible option, or it may reveal that the project will have to be temporarily abandoned, everything taken out of the river, let the water through the site and start again in the low flow of summer. It will have to be given some very serious consideration because the river has no conscience and noise by-laws will not come into play if it is a fast and early spring. Remember 1998? The safety of property and people in the area has to be the priority. Indecision and obstructionism could lead to serious consequences. We need accommodation and understanding.

Brian Gallagher, President, Pakenham Ramsay Almonte Taxpayers Action Committee


  1. i wonder if it’s possible that if they do proceed after repairs that there remains the possibility of another breach..as mentioned, the river has no conscience…the spring flow along with the ice would tear apart any small breach, causing a major breach and send debris everywhere down the river into pressure points where it would clog up and cause severe flooding….could this happen?

  2. if they are able to proceed, someone here had mentioned hiring a third party inspector to offer his “second opinion” on the safety of the repairs..not to stir the pot but i think that’s a good idea..

  3. PRATAC leaves out one group in their recommendation. The impacted residents. I thought their purpose was to represent the people of the community. Thank you PRATAC. NOT!!!

  4. Brian Young, surely you jest in your comments here, and in your recent letter expressing your frustration with after-allowable-business-hours Enerdu construction noise.

    PRATAC’s – “I am sure the fish would be more content” pro-Enerdu avowed Fish Whisperer has no need to consult with or advocate for residents impacted by Enerdu construction incoveniences. Why would the head of a resident’s advocacy group that merely pretends in the FIRST STATED GOAL of its mission statement to be “a non-partisan advocacy group that will defend the interests of all taxpayer categories” do THAT?

    That would be tantamount to throwing wood on the fire Brian. Surely you don’t want to have fires, do you? Plus, he has unnamed “key people” in the Enerdu camp to consult with, and as importantly, the fish themselves. In fact, unnamed fish have confirmed this directly with me. You believe me, right Brian? But even if my claim seems dubious or my motives appear fishy, you trust me right? Surely you do.

    Now that I think it all over, I have to agree with PRATAC’s President. For you and other residents to have the temerity to question PRATAC’s unnamed sources, and unnamed fish, is indeed tantamount to burning down the town right to the ground! Or flooding it! Or something!

    Remember, “safety of property and people in the area has to be the priority. Indecision and obstructionism could lead to serious consequences. We need accommodation and understanding.”

    GEEZ Brian! Grow up!

    p.s. For those who wish to examine the past wisdom of PRATAC’s Fish Whisperer, please read this article in support of Enerdu. Yep, it was just what the town needed, and thousands of residents wanted! Er … no. https://millstonenews.com/2014/09/former-almonte-hydro-manager-brian-gallagher-weighs-in-on-the-enerdu-controversy.html

  5. You are trying to give lessons in morals to someone? The man that has insulted every single person on council and many that work for the town? You and Brian will have to grow a thick skin. If he is representing a public group and you are acting as his mouthpiece online, you will both be subject to public criticism. Especially when you both try to run for council in 2018 as I see that is where this is going.
    I especially like the line in the latest post to save Don Maynard Park from PRATAC that truly shows how they feel about this current council and how they are committed to working WITH them, not! “At some point Council has to learn that they are operating this municipality for the ratepayers not despite us!”.

  6. Aw c’mon Steve. instead of trying to support putting one over on people, why don’t you and your PRATAC friends allow our elected officials to do their jobs instead of getting in their way with an obviously biased political agenda that masquerades as advocacy for “all taxpayers”?

    There is no way under the sun and moon and stars above that PRATAC can remotely pretend to be unbiased on any Enerdu-related issue, and given its track-record, perhaps several others as well.

    The organization’s goals appear to be focused on activating people to get its leader or other members elected in the next election, and in the run-up to that, undermining the present Mayor and Council and their icky, inclusively progressive, culturally and entrepreneurially tuned in, fiscally responsible policies.

    I know that last sentence sounds a little biased, but unlike PRATAC I’m not fantasizing that I’m representing all taxpayers. Unnamed fish in our river, maybe.

    The truth will set you free. Why not start with fixing the utterly false PRATAC mission statement?

    Change its first point from the earnestly untrue “non-partisan advocacy group that will defend the interests of all taxpayer categories” to something like “an earnestly partisan advocacy group that will attempt to undermine the present Council at every turn with a view to putting one of the old boys back in the Mayor’s chair so things can be like they used to, even though we’re not really sure we have much broad-based support or that people even trust us much, but dang it all anyway”.

    Or relax, take your well earned seats at the masquerade ball, and enjoy the party here in the comments section.

  7. So, did Tracy and I just fish out of you that you, and PRATAC, do in fact operate with a biased and blatantly political agenda Steve? THAT explains just about everything. Thank-you.

    Like Tracy, I have zero interest in being a politician, but do at times enjoy observing them in their habitats, supporting ones I believe in (who tell the truth – that’s a big one). In our municipality, my take is it’s an underpaid and vastly under-appreciated gig.

    If you do decide to run, all any voter can do is look at what you’ve said, written, and in at least one case I have been personally involved in, apologized for saying because it wasn’t true.

    Good luck to you and the other PRATACers. More candidates = a stronger democracy. I’m still one of those souls who believes the truth will AWALYS be the tell of your success, or failure in the political arena.

  8. I can state right now that I will never run for council. As far as creating a group against PRATAC, I have no ambition to do that. If people just were honest with who they are and what they represent, I would even stop posting. But people always continue to have their own secret personal agendas.

  9. Oh, and FYI, I think my statements are well informed. I was on the temporary executive that help set up PRATAC. I know what went on. As an executive of PRATAC, you can have any opinion you want, as long as it agrees with Brian’s.

  10. It appears Steve has at last revealed his agenda Tracy. That’s quite helpful in judging the words and actions of him and the other PRATACers. MUCH better that their biases are out in the open. As I said elsewhere on this thread, the truth will set them free. That is if they choose to tell it.

  11. Steve, you lied. You spread the lie. Others in town approached me on it (finding it hard to believe) because the lie spread quite far in a short time. When I called you out on the lie you apologized for it. Tracy has documented your lie right here on The Millstone.

    And I find it interesting that when you find your faulty statements challenged you either a) say it was an incorrect assumption or b) in the case of Tracy and his observations of PRATAC’s leader, attack the person personally.

    That does not make you a potential mayor in my books. But Trump lies a lot and look where it got him! Good luck to you on your quest.Those of us who concern ourselves with the truth will be watching your bid closely, and the rest of the PRATAC for more of their particular local brand of political double-speak.

  12. The day of the first General meeting, Phil Wood asked me to put my name in for that position. At that point, I had hope for PRATAC. The very first meeting Brian called for PRATAC, he said he was not going to be involved as he and others were fighting the heritage thing. At the General meeting, I was surprised when it was announced that Brian was to be the President. I was hoping that Paul Haliburton would stay on as President as he was very level headed and could offset the likes of Belisle and Wilson.
    Seeing you brought it up, lets tell everyone why I resigned. On my Facebook site I made a post saying that fighting with council was not the way to go with the park issue, especially your conduct in it. I said we should work with council and perhaps compromise if possible. I stated that I believed your involvement with council was hurting the cause and that we should all be nice. I guess Brian did not like that as he sent an e-mail to everyone on the executive excluding me saying that they needed to talk about my postings. The reason Brian originally asked me to come to the very first meeting and then be part of the committee that set-up PRATAC was due to my social media popularity at the time. HE WAS USING ME. I knew that but thought I could help. As soon as I made a post he didn’t like, he went behind my back to the executive. I had a lengthy call with Brian over this an he apologized to me and e-mailed an apology to the executive. Too late, the damage was done.
    That is what happened, tell me I’m lying (I keep all written correspondence in case you are wondering)

  13. You have done that several times Steve. You get caught in a lie, apologize, and then say woe is me. The damage is already done, people read the lie but not the retraction.

  14. You say I have distain for Brian, not me. I think Brian is a nice guy, many of my friends have great admiration for him. I just don’t think he is the best person to guide PRATAC. Also, I was proud of the original PRATAC before they took the path they did. One of the first meetings when we were reviewing the mission statement and goals, I brought up the issue of non-partisan. I knew it was going to be the issue it has become. You can’t say you represent everyone, it doesn’t work. I wish PRATAC was loud and proud saying we represent the old-timers that want the anti-Enerdu council out! Then I would respect them

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