JazzNhouse team named “top team”

With more enthusiasm than actual athleticism, the team of runners and walkers put together by JazzNhouse outdid themselves in the fundraising department!

This group of jazz fans raised a whopping $3,200.00 + and was named the “Top Team” in the Mississippi Mills River Walk & Run for the hospital on September 8, 2018.  According to the AGH-FVM Foundation’s Facebook page, the MMRWR’s more than 325 walkers, runners and volunteers raised $34,656 (averaging $106 per person) for the hospital. The JazzNhouse Team were proud of being a major contributor with just under 10% of the total and raining about $460 per team member!

The JazzNhouse team of seven was led by Team Captain (and bona fide 10 km runner) Kelly Eydt and included 5 km runner Lissette Wright, plus walkers Gudrun and Malte Mendzigall, Emily Kadoke-Scantlebury, Ernie Smith and Arnie Francis. JazzN.ca | JazzNhouse covered the team’s registration fees (paid to The Running Room Ltd.) to encourage member participation. Despite some frustrations and minimal support with the Running Room website used to capture online donations, the team’s blockbuster fundraising results demonstrated each member’s pride to do their part – due to their deep and wide connections and commitment to community. Plus, of course, some hearty and friendly persuasiveness!  

The team extends its gratitude to all those who contributed to this good cause, including the many friends, neighbours, subscribers and fans who came through with donations channeled through the JazzNhouse Team!