Frogtown Mountaineer Puppeteers

In keeping with this year’s “Family Reunion” theme, many familiar faces will be “back home” for Puppets Up! with shows we love to see.  These include the ever popular Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers from Bar Harbor Maine with their hilarious “Legend of the Banana Kid”,  Massachusetts’ Tanglewood Marionettes and the exquisite  “Dragon King”,

Tanglewood Marionnettes

Hungary’s Bence Sarkadi with his “Budapest Puppets”,







Théatre des Petites Âmes from Montreal with their new production, “BAM” and Puppets to Go all the way from Coconut Creek FL with their version of “Little Red Riding Hood”.


Spin Cycle














Also invited to come and be welcomed into the Puppets Up! family are Toronto’s Heath Tarlin Entertainment’ with “Spin Cycle”, Metaphysical Theatre with “Pierrot and the Moon” and Peterson Puppets with a “Good Old Fashioned Punch and Judy”.  More of Everything from Montreal will be bringing their energetic “Puppet Vaudeville Show”.






Last but not least, Hungary’s Andras Lenart of Mikropodium will be coming with his amazing and incredible show “Stop!”  Andras is a teacher and a friend of Bence Sarkadi’s so it will be good to have these two Hungarian puppeteers both together in Almonte as part of the Puppets Up! family.