This is another in my list of questions and concerns over the
Enerdu project in Almonte. Still no response from Enerdu about my
earlier questions but I will keep raising new questions.

We are in for a season or possibly more (another of these vague
answers at our public meeting) of Hoe Raming and heavy equipment
movement compliments of Enerdu. For your general information a Hoe Ram
is a giant jack hammer used in heavy construction to hammer stone into
small pieces. It is very noisy and causes very strong vibrations.

Our old Town Hall has been restored at the cost of well over a
million dollars. A beautiful building which is a centerpiece in our
community. Enerdu plans to how ram very close to this beautiful
structure. Has Enerdu done any geological studies to see if the rock
structure they plan to ram out extends into the area of the Old Town
Hall? Will they pay for any damage to the Old Town Hall? Have they even
talked to the Town about the impact of their project on the Old Town Hall?

Enerdu wants to use the parking lot and riverside garden area by
the old town hall to access the river for construction. They plan to run
heavy trucks and equipment right past the Old Town Hall. Has the Town
considered the potential damage to our community building from all of
this heavy equipment? Why doesn't Enerdu use their own water access to
get equipment to the site rather than shut down a community facility for
an unspecified period of time? Have they offered the community
compensation for the use of these access facilities?

Let Enerdu use the access they already have by their building, let
them bear the cost and inconvenience.

There are a number of property owners along the river adjacent to
the hoe ramming location. Most of these properties have extremely steep
slopes to the river which could be made unstable from the hoe ramming.
Has Enerdu carried out geological studies to see if any of these slopes
are unstable? Have they approached any of the property owners to offer
compensation for damages?

The rock structure Enerdu plans to hoe ram extends over to Thoburn Mill.
Thoburn Mill has been restored into condos at a very significant cost.
The old brick structure is quite fragile and susceptible to damage from
strong vibrations.  Has Enerdu offered to pay for damages from their
work? Have they even talked to the condo owners about the possibility of

I feel Enerdu has a responsibility to adjacent property owners to
ensure their is minimal or no damage to their properties. Enerdu should
volunteer to carry out all reasonable studies to mitigate damage and
work with the property owners before they start work.

I feel Enerdu should use their own property to access the
construction site. Yes, it will be less convenient for them and likely
more expensive. Why should the community have to be inconvenienced by
Enerdu's use of the Old Town Hall parking lot and gardens without
significant compensation to the community.If Enerdu is not allowed to
access the site through the Old Town Hall there will be significantly
less impact on the downtown core and less potential for damage by heavy
equipment to the Old Town Hall structure.

I have many more questions coming. I encourage others to ask their
own questions.

Brian Young