al·​a·​me·​da | a-lə-ˈmē-də : a public promenade bordered with trees; Spanish, from álamo, poplar

The alameda of sugar maples along a stretch of the rail trail in Almonte is going ahead very soon.

The County has been out to meet with organizers, and Ron Ayling, Ed Lawrence and Stephen Brathwaite have measured out the locations for the trees, which will be sent as soon as test holes have been dug and soil requirements determined.  Organizers hope this exciting project will help lift spirits in this very difficult year.

The County has been impressed by the level of support from the community and has responded by contributing the backhoe time to make it happen.

That’s not insignificant when you think that as many as 102 trees need to be put in the ground, with fresh soil.

So now is the time for anyone waiting to buy a tree ($200 each) or to make a donation to support costs for the Alameda.  Please drop your cheques to Baker Bob or etransfer to:

Let them know the password by separate email. You’ll get a tax receipt of course.

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