Dear Edith, Brent and the Millstone team,

We moved to Almonte in October 2014. There are many, many reasons why we’re so happy to be settled here in our retirement.

There seems to be an endless list of fascinating things to do, places to go, people to meet and ideas to explore and exchange in Almonte. The variety and quality of cultural, artistic, musical, craft and culinary offerings — not to mention the bazaars, fairs, antique displays, community suppers and sales of just about anything — in Mississippi Mills are amazing!

The merchants in the downtown go out of their way to make their stores enticing with creative window displays and unique goods. The restaurants, grocery and natural food stores, bakery and butcher shop make Almonte a foodie’s heaven! The friendly people here are genuine, caring and fun! The service clubs, church-run functions, farmers’ market, library, mechanics and other services are top notch.

The Ottawa Valley Family Health Team provides care and services that are second to none in Ontario and there are myriad ways to stay healthy and fit in this town: walking on Riverwalk and beyond; curling, skating and hockey at the arena; yoga, fitness and health classes, etc. Municipal services are efficient and the staff and politicians are accessible and responsive.

We can’t imagine being happier anywhere else. Thanks, Almonte, for being such an enriching, entertaining and welcoming community.

Lastly and fondly, one of the most regular delights for me about Almonte is opening my email and finding yet another interesting, thought provoking, informative edition of The Millstone. The spectrum of information and in-depth, personal coverage you offer from gardeners, cooks — I mean Cook — photographers, ruminators and pundits is remarkable for a town of this size.

From puzzles to politics, events to obits and astronomy to the arts, to name just some of the topics your publication covers, I’m constantly drawn into the falls of words and pictures by the ‘stone. A “personal faves” shout out to our Illustrious gardener, David Hinks; to Cheryl Baxter for her stunning studies of birds; and to Brent Eades and other snapping artists for reflecting the beauty of our area back to us in your awesome photos.

Keep up the great spirit, everyone. We’re very proud to call Almonte our home.

Chris and Brian Cavan