Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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LivingRetired RCMP member reflects on providing security to the Mulroneys

Retired RCMP member reflects on providing security to the Mulroneys

Wayne McKay from Almonte sent us this note following the death of former prime minister Brian Mulroney:

Doing security at 24 Sussex was an enjoyable and interesting experience. Over the years I worked for six PMs and on reflecting back I have to admit the time spent during the Mulroney years was a rewarding time.

The family was very generous and respectful towards the RCMP security staff. On special occasions, Mila always made sure a sandwich or treats made their way out to the members. On seasonal events like Christmas or New Year’s, even though they may be at the house on the lake, she ensured security got their hot meal. They never hesitated to stop and speak with us and show their appreciation for our all-weather diligence.

Caroline would come out at times to speak with us if she was waiting for her RCMP escort to take her to some event in the city, as the Mounties had to escort them wherever they went.

The Mulroneys always made us feel like part of the family and treated us with friendship and respect.

I keep the picture of Brian and myself on the wall with my RCMP Certificated of Service as a reminder of my service and how much I appreciated being part of the Mulroney family so many years ago.




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