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LivingHealthRuby Ewen show at MVTM helps Hub Hospice

Ruby Ewen show at MVTM helps Hub Hospice

On behalf of the artist Ruby Ewen, and myself, I would like to thank everyone involved in mounting Ruby’s exhibition of paintings at The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum.

We approached The Hub Hospice Palliative Care organization with an offer to donate 50% of the proceeds of the sales of a show, in exchange for help in the production of the exhibit. Toni Surko and Jane Henderson from The Hub Hospice organized their volunteers and presented a wonderful vernissage; I thank Toni for her help in the hanging of the show.

Oil On Canvas – 2006 – 30 x 36 in. 76 x 91 cm

Thanks also to Michael Rikley-Lancaster and the volunteers at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum — as always, a real joy to work with. We sold well over half of the paintings, and are so grateful for all those who generously purchased Ruby’s work.

The remaining paintings are now hanging in the patient waiting area at the Ottawa Valley Family Health Team, until the end of June. They are for sale, and information regarding purchase may be obtained at the clinic front desk. We thank the family health team for their help and patience.

Again, thank you to everyone who gave us time and effort. Ruby and I are truly grateful.

Pattie Dolan




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