Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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LivingGardeningIt’s time to plant a backyard garden

It’s time to plant a backyard garden

We’re so excited to be launching our first-ever Mississippi Mills Municipal Backyard Garden Program.

Join our Backyard Garden Club by signing up at the link at bottom. We will use our mail list to provide you with the information you need to get started and succeed with your own backyard growing. We’ll share online resources and announce contests and giveaways! We have partners, contributors and local experts who are just as excited as we are and we can’t wait to introduce you. Once we’re all up and running we’re also going to loop in our local food bank – because while you’re at it we just might entice you to “grow-an-extra-row” for those in need.

You’re staying home for your health and that of the community and we’re thankful. Spring is here and you have some extra time on your hands.

If there ever was ever a time to garden at home this is it!

Gardening has so many benefits, including a few you might not even think of:

  • Gardening can reduce your level of cortisone, the stress hormone
  • Direct exposure to dirt and plants can help boost your immune system
  • 3 hours of moderate gardening could equal 1 hour at the gym (something so many of us are missing right now)
  • Soil contains a natural antidepressant that can make you happier
  • Growing your own vegetables will make it easier and more affordable to enjoy a healthy diet
  • One study revealed that gardening can reduce the risk of dementia by 36%

Is this your first time growing a backyard garden? That’s great! Do not be intimidated. You’ll be able to start as small as you want. We’re creating this network to share tutorials, helpful information, and to give somewhere to ask those gardening questions.

Maybe you don’t have a big back yard… You won’t need it. There are creative solutions that can have you gardening in containers on your patio. We’ll talk about that too.

Are you home with kids? Get them involved! This can be a science lab, outdoor education, nutrition class and physical fitness all rolled into one fun family activity.

Do you want to get more involved with this program, have ideas to share or maybe even want to host a webinar? Get in touch! Reach out to Tiffany MacLaren at tmaclaren@mississippimills.ca

SIGN UP: https://mississippimills.us6.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=163b80521d798baf6bec35e53&id=01df950a3c





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