Brian Gallagher Generating Station The Brian Gallagher Generating Station, owned by the Mississippi River Power Corporation, which is itself wholly owned by the Town of Mississippi Mills, has turned out to be a prodigious income producer. The generating station was financed by loans,  at no cost to taxpayers, and income from the generating station will first be applied to pay off the debt. After that, the Town of Mississippi Mills will be the beneficiary of significant income. To date, in 2011, the power station has generated nearly 17 million Kilowatt hours and just over $2 million in revenue. That amounts to  89% of the annual projected generation revenue in the first 7 months of the year.

The highest income producng months were March, April and May with power generation varying between 2,930,392 and 3,489,508 Kilowatt hours, and income between $351,650 and $418,563 per month. Typically  mid-June through the end of September yields the lowest generation because of the reduced level of the Mississippi River. The gauge at Appleton is currently recording the lowest flows since August of 2007 (just under 7 cubic metres per second) resulting in a modest power generation of roughly 900 Kilowatts, about  20% of capacity.

  Scott Newton, General Manager of the Mississippi River Power Corporation, stated that a predicted increase in production should start in mid October. The corporation expects 20% of the yearly power to be generated in the months of October, November and December.

Editor's note: Mississippi Mills Councillor Shaun McLaughlin informs us that t