I’ve been seeing a growing number of scam reports recently. The latest is calls to local residents supposedly from Enbridge and offering a ‘COVID rebate’. This is a complete scam — there is no such rebate. If you get this call, hang up.

(There is, however, a government program for consumers having difficulty meeting their energy bills, more information here: https://www.oeb.ca/rates-and-your-bill/covid-19-energy-assistance-program-ceap)

I’ve also heard from the OPP about various ‘gift card’ scams — people calling to say that you or someone you’re close to is in trouble, and telling you to buy gift cards or prepaid credit cards to pay bail, avoid tax prosecution, and so on. This is ALWAYS a scam. Hang up.

In general: if a stranger calls you to offer a ‘great deal’ or to threaten you with something related to the law or taxes, hang up. If you want to follow up, find official contact information online for the business or agency, and call or email them.

Don’t accept ‘official contact information’ the caller might offer you on the phone — they may just be directing you to an accomplice.