Friday, May 27, 2022


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Almonte Civitan Fish Fry – Friday, June 17

It has been a challenge for service...

CANCELLED – MMLT Annual Spring Walk at Blueberry Mountain 

The Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust has decided... hospital lottery 4th early-bird draw delayed by one week

The hospital lottery early-bird draw scheduled...
LivingSmall change, big results

Small change, big results

Circle K Gas Bar Almonte — thank you!

So I am in the habit of keeping small change( coin) in one of those clear plastic sandwich zip bags in my car. Always out of sight in a small console compartment. Usually there would maybe 10 or 15 bucks in loonies and quarters in the bag. I use the loose change to pay for local specialty coffees etc: It’s a ritual with me and I enjoy it immensely.

So now to my story. Today I decided I was in desperate need of a vacuum clean of the interior of my SUV’s as we had just been through two weeks of kids and grandkids in the vehicle. I went into Circle K-Almonte, gassed up-paid- then bought a few loonies and toonies- as I needed to vacuum both of my vehicles that day.

I parked in the vacuum canister area and pulled out my sandwich bag of change, put two loonies into the vacuum canister and went to town vacuuming. I kept the change bag open on my console as I figured I might need to quickly grab more loonies to feed the vacuum. The first cycle of vacuuming ended. I inserted the second two loonies and kept vacuuming. I was in the front seat area with the vacuum when I lost control of the hose( my mistake). The hose happened to be near the console and boom! — it sucked up my bag of change.(Definitely an endorsement for the strength of Circle K vacuums!)

Upon arriving home I related the story to my neighbour who advised me to go back to Circle K. and tell them what had happened. I thought “waste of time” but went back to Circle K- told them the story and left them my phone#.

Same day I got a call from Ted Murray of Circle K Almonte. He told me he had gone into and checked the vacuum canister and found my change.

So I ask you. Are you likely to find this same kind of service/ customer support in a major city? Not likely.

Thank you very much Ted for taking that extra step re customer service!

Jim Moore




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