Friday, May 20, 2022


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Amonte United seeks volunteer to record services

Almonte United Church is searching for someone...

FOR SALE: Patio umbrella

75 lbs marble umbrella base/2 wheels/9’ tilt...
Night Sky NewsSpring Night Sky Sessions

Spring Night Sky Sessions

The MVCA Night Sky Conservation team is pleased to offer a series of informal Astronomy sessions this Spring. First meeting is on Friday April 6 as shown in the poster below.

The sessions will be devoted entirely to visual observing and will follow the pattern of viewing the Night Sky as it changes through a full lunar cycle.

  • Our first two sessions will happen after full moon which allows us to view deep sky objects normally too faint to see on moonlit nights. Deep sky objects include special types of stars, star clusters, interstellar gas and dust, and galaxies.
  • Our subsequent 2 sessions will focus on the moon and what can be observed during moonlit nights such as planets and bright stars. Finally we get back to the last quarter phase of the moon when we can return to observing the objects that are visible in our Night Sky in later Spring.  During this mo[o]nth long journey, we will see how the sky changes due to the orbit of our spaceship Earth.  We will be using small telescopes with the aid of star charts and other celestial treats – to learn about, and observe some of the objects described in this travelogue …The Night Sky of Spring






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