Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Stay safe: Don’t use space heaters with extension cords

'Tis the season for space heaters and...

‘What Now Lanark County?’ event, December 9

Do you have your ticket yet? Don’t...

Kintail Country Christmas, December 10

The historic and picturesque museum located at...
Night Sky NewsThe 3-Dimensional nature of galaxies... including the Milky Way

The 3-Dimensional nature of galaxies… including the Milky Way

It was not very clear, but clear enough to capture 30 seconds of photons of three galaxies in Draco.

NGC 5895, 5892, 5891

These clearly show the disk-like structure at different angles. To learn more about galaxies (our last step on the Distance Ladder) join us tonight

NightSky Conservation Course Friday Sept 14 2012:

Mill of Kintail Gatehouse: 7:30

The Physical Model of the Milky Way can also be explored.. with the template provided by Stargazer Steve… a good cloudy night activity!




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