The first in an occasional series.

All quiet in Almonte yesterday; mind you, the LCBO appeared to be doing well and had a healthy-looking parking lot. Ditto the drive-thru at Tim Hortons. I have to say, at the LCBO, it was a reminder of these fraught times when someone stepped off the sidewalk and onto the parking lot pavement in order to keep a good six feet between us.

If fewer cars in their lot are an indication, things were less hectic at Patrice’s YIG early this afternoon. It will be interesting to see what happens at 8:00 am some morning this week when as an active senior, sans walker, sans cane, and no grey hair showing from under my hat, I hope not to be carded when I head for the toilet paper aisle.

Along the town sidewalks, people sauntered with their children and walked their dogs with impunity while joggers darted by. Overhead, returning Canadian Geese flapped and honked.

What started as a rainy day brightened into sunlit skies by mid-afternoon as government worker traffic was scant on the March Road. Clear sailing all the way. Even the Rexall Pharmacy was easily navigable and no wonder. Word must’ve got out that they were bereft of hot items such as thermometers and toilet paper but many good specials, otherwise.

I noted two significant things today, one of which was not unexpected, that is, The Hub, at the top of Mill St. was closed. Nearly every other shop along Mill St. was closed in response to Covid-19 which is the best call to make under the circumstances.

Secondly, while heading along Almonte St. at Farm St, just before starting to climb the hill at Hillside Church, in the parking lot by the water, the one with picnic tables and semi-geodesic dome, there were two teenagers sharing a close embrace. An ordinary expression of love, this is something of which we have not seen much since normal times ceased to be so long ago last week.

Shannon Lee Mannion