Karen Hirst

Might we become referenced to seekers of a destination as “You know, the place with all the trees” and wouldn’t that be a delightful handle to carry along with our mantra of being ‘Almonte The Friendly Town’?

Spirited into existence through an idea held by Ken McRitchie and with the creative leadership of Stephen Brathwaite and what he refers to as “a dream team” Ken’s dream was brought to fruition.

Through both monetary donations of one hundred people and the physical labour of volunteers, the assistance of both the County and Municipality, we witnessed yesterday the bones of what one day will become a beautifully shaded promenade along the rail trail that passes by our town Library and the summertime Farmer’s Market.

Already the maturity of the planted trees allows one to have a vision of what someday will provide a shaded umbrella over future generations.

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees,
under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

Nelson Henderson

During these unsettled times, times of uncertainty, major upheaval and change, could there be a more fitting focal point in our downtown core than the beauty and stability of over one hundred Sugar Maple Trees? Like its citizens, the Maples will root deep into the earth, seek survival and continue to rise up towards the light becoming a source of shaded comfort for all who cross under her.