A Syrian family arrives at Toronto airport in December 2015, part of the first group entering Canada under the government’s resettlement program.

TR Leger Immigrant Services (TRLIS) has been serving the Upper Canada District School Board region since 2008, offering information, orientation and support to newcomers who are working to integrate into and settle in our communities.

Settlement workers travel to clients to assist with documentation, government services, health cards, driver’s licenses, school registration and referrals to other needed services. TRLIS also delivers the federal contract for language assessment to help refer students who need to improve their English into the appropriate classes.

In Almonte, as we begin to welcome many newcomer families into the community, TRLIS has been working with the Syrian Refugee Committee of Mississippi Mills and our Lanark Local Immigration Partnership council, to prepare the way for settlement. Settlement workers are available to come and meet with the new families and assist with all settlement needs.

If you would like to learn more about how TRLIS supports all newcomers to Canada, or have questions about how you can help the families who are arriving, please visit their website at: www.trlimmigrantservices.ca or call their toll-free number 1-877-412-2472.