A reader sends these letters:

Just took our first walk on the trail from Church St towards CP.

Would have been a much nicer experience if the trail wasn’t liberally peppered with dog crap every few feet.

Can’t believe people are so disgustingly inconsiderate. They seem to think the trail is a license to let their dogs poop anywhere and leave it — they don’t even bother to pull them off to the side.

There seems to be no effort so far on the part of the county to put up stoop and scoop signage or provide dispenser/containers.

Perhaps a reminder in the Millstone that this is meant to be an asset — a place for people to enjoy the outdoors, not a dog toilet — would help.


I emailed Lanark tourism, and they were great.

They said signage showing the rules for the trail is underway.

We also should have some poop bag dispensers and garbage receptacles at certain points.

The chap from tourism also noted that there has already been vandalism in this area — the rails on the Pakenham rail bridge and a gate at  Carss St here in Almonte have been damaged.

He pointed out that this is a 2-year experiment only. So I guess if users don’t behave responsibly, we could lose the trail.