Monday, April 15, 2024
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Margaret Spriggs — obituary

Spriggs, Margaret Mary August 26, 1930 - April...

Breakfast at the Legion, April 20

At the Almonte Legion Eggs to Order, Hash Browns, Bacon,...

Civitan Club gift to the community finds a home at the Pakenham library

During Pakenham’s 2023 bicentennial year, the Pakenham...
The BillboardWalk of the Cross, March 29

Walk of the Cross, March 29

Almonte’s Walk of the Cross will once again take place starting at noon on Good Friday, March 29, beginning at noon and following a safe and enjoyable route to various central sites and churches.

A cross will be carried, and short readings and the Scripture will be read at each stop, telling the story of Christ’s crucifixion. The walk is an ecumenical gathering of Almonte’s Christian community that began in 2010 and is hosted each year by one of the local churches.

This year, the walk will begin (12 noon, sharp) by gathering at the Old Town Hall where Cornerstone Community Church will begin the walk with the first reading. The route proceeds to St. Mary’s Catholic Church, then on to the Amonte Arena where Hillside Reformed Presbyterian Church will preside. The next stop will be the Almonte United Church. From here the walk continues to the Community Presbyterian Church and then on to the Almonte Baptist church. From here, the procession will continue to its final stop, St. Paul’s Anglican Church. The event will conclude with a time of refreshment and fellowship at Cornerstone Community Church.

The whole event takes about an hour-and-a-half, but people are welcome to come and go as they wish. All of Almonte and the surrounding community are welcome and encouraged to come and experience this Easter celebration.




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