Dear Editor,

Hello, my name is Johnathan Stroud and I’ve been missing football almost as much as my family during the covid lockdown/restrictions and I need it back. The difference between football and my family is that football doesn’t care if covid is a thing or not, you can still participate in many ways.

The thing is, football in Almonte isn’t just another sport. Football games at the school are a social gathering for so many people and every game is basically an event in itself. The football games bring people together and unite Almonte as a community. The rivalry between Almonte and Arnprior can never be matched and will go on for years to come. But, on the other hand, with no sports there can’t be a rivalry because we can’t compete in anything. All I’m trying to say is that the football games aren’t just football games, they’re events.

Some people might think football isn’t our biggest problem and I never will or am saying this. All I’m saying is that with sports slowly being brought back, I think football should be back ASAP. I know for a fact that this opinion isn’t just mine but many kids and teens in Ottawa. I know and acknowledge that Covid has affected people in many differing ways and I think that bringing back football will help combat some of the sadness that has accumulated over the almost year that this has gone on.

As you have probably guessed, yes I do play football and have for around 7 years. Football hasn’t just became a hobby at this point, it’s been something that my life revolves around. I have other hobbies and things to do but most of the things I do can usually trace back, in some way or another, to football. Everything I write in this document I fully believe and will stand by. I believe that football will and can come back, that it will help Almonte get out of the quarantine blues that everyone has been feeling. I’ve played football all across, not just Ottawa, but Ontario a well and have seen great players everywhere, just as upset and as hurt as I am. They have the same opinions but don’t have the platform or even know how to speak out on this.

My whole point of this letter is to highlight the importance of football to me and the whole community of Almonte and Ontario. I’m not saying that this our first priority. I just think it should be higher on the list. I would even settle for virtual film/study rooms where we go over plays and positions and look at the dos and don’ts of that position. I just need more football in my life than just watching Sunday night football and yelling at the screen, which is fun don’t get me wrong. I’m just a kid who wants his life to be back to normal with football.


Johnathan “Big John” Stroud