Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Ye Gods! – Part II

… And Retrograde Mars?!

by C. H. Wells

Mars On His Chariot, Audran [M'stone]

Apparently, not to be outdone [He is known to be a smidge competitive, after all.], another of Mercury/Hermes’ older brothers, Ares, will be accompanying him on his retrograde journey, this time, represented by the planet Mars.

The Roman Mars (Grecian Ares) was the god of war. If the gods had made movies, Venus/Aphrodite would have produced the chick-flicks, and Mars, those boy-joys or male-tales – the ‘action’ pics. Mars loves any kind of competition or combat. He is associated with all things masculine – or “yang.”

On April 17, 2016, the planet Mars – in company with Pluto (Greek, Hades), whose namesake was the god of the Underworld and of death – reversed course and doesn’t go direct again until early evening of June 29. [Yes, a long run – but it only happens every two years.] Think of it as the chase scene in one of those aforementioned action pics. The hero, driving a now bullet-ridden and beat-up car – until just recently a pristine fire-engine-red Maserati borrowed from his girlfriend – is confronted by the bad guys on every side, and is forced to slam the gears into reverse and drive backward, for a ridiculously-long time, before pulling a 180 and taking off frontwards, again, with the enemy in hot pursuit.

That’s Mars – speeding backward through the solar system and wreaking havoc all the way. I needn’t tell you the possible consequences of Mars choosing the very day when Pluto – intense, inscrutable, perpetually digging up things that others would prefer had been left buried, and always looking for more guests to join him in Hades – also began his annual backward journey. [“Aieee!”]

Not surprisingly, Mars is historically associated with war (or battles of any kind), with the military, police, firefighters, mechanics, construction workers, or any other occupation considered “traditionally male,” or involving the use of sharp implements, blunt instruments, or exploding armaments.

While Mars retrogrades, just like when Mercury does, we can expect the events or matters ruled by it to take a backward or inward step – or just generally to act in an atypical, or even an exaggeratedly-aggressive fashion. There may be inexplicable events that could only be described as … er … ‘quirky.’

Watch for wars, explosions, out-of-control fires, incidents of ‘road rage’ or other overt signs of uncontrolled aggression. Unfortunately, religious conflicts are unlikely to let up any – though they may head underground – as Mars retrogrades in Sagittarius (associated with “religion and spirituality” and with foreign affairs) for half its course, before backing into Scorpio – well known for its intense fervor.

On a personal level, Mars is associated with one’s physical energies and drives, sexual impulses, assertiveness, and ability to simply “get the job done.” It relates to sports, leadership and men, generally. Expect matters, here, to take a “turn for the reverse” under the retrograde.

There may be sudden spurts of energy (expressed in a positive or negative way), and/or energies may dissipate suddenly and without warning. Mars energies can also be internalized, resulting in feelings of irritation and rancor, or lethargy and depression.

You may find that goals you set under a retrograde Mars are prohibitively difficult to achieve, or end up abandoned before they are reached. There may be unexpected challenges with goals you are already striving for, or those realized at this time may quickly lose their luster.

Building, repairing, or moving things may be a good deal more difficult than usual, and in fact, it might be advisable to postpone any activities that are particularly “physical” in nature, till after the retrograde, as there is likely a greater chance of damage or accident at this time.

With Mercury retrograding, as well, for a goodly portion of this period, you can expect that things will probably be doubly irritating. Patience will be, not only ‘a virtue,’ but an increasingly rare commodity. By the end of a Retrograde Mercury phase alone, most folks can end up pretty frazzled, but add the complication of combustible Mars – driving full tilt, in reverse – and you can expect that tempers will be short and nerves will be frayed, by the time we “get back home.”

So fasten your metaphorical seatbelts [vroom], keep both hands on the wheel [vroom], remember to “count to ten” [vroom, vroom] and I’ll see you on the other si– [iieeeeee!!]





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