by C. H. Wells

Regular Millstone readers will have noticed my occasional forays into the astrological forum, by way of dire warnings of impending doom Retrograde Mercury phases and their potential for wreaking havoc. Another is on the way – this time accompanied by sister planet, Venus, which has been retrograde since March 4, 2017 and will continue so until after April 15. Mercury’s retrogradation, this time, spans the period from April 9 to May 3, inclusive [plus halos on either end, of course].

Anyone needing a refresher on retrogrades, or who missed the earlier articles, can find some info here: … & …

Astrological scuttlebutt has it that when Venus reverses course, she takes beauty, art, grace, ease, affability, femininity and decorum with her. In short, though you might actually manage to get something accomplished during a Retrograde Venus, it ain’t gonna be pretty!

Those who are more finely attuned to our astrological cycles may have sensed our slow, inelegant slide into barbarity since the beginning of March, with things generally moving increasingly less smoothly, and with civility and ease of expression at more and more of a premium.

Venus is said to rule the esthetics of design [… from house … to habitat … to haberdashery …]; banking/finance; horticulture; and [in company with the moon] homes, generally. So, theoretically then, this would not be the best time for buying or decorating a residence, repotting your plants, changing your hairstyle, adding new items to your wardrobe, or re-organizing and re-investing your financial portfolio.

Nor would it be the most auspicious time to embark on the romance of a lifetime. Given Venus’ traditional association with ‘l’amour,’ and her representative planet’s current backward motion, more than one existing relationship may be headed for the proverbial rocks, and love may be obliged to go a-begging. [But for Heaven’s sake, don’t try to ‘fix’ it with a romantic ballad – Venus rules the voice, and singing, too!]

Add to these challenges the complications of a Retrograde Mercury, and this spring just may turn out to be a tad messier than it usually is. Expect more spills, chills … and bills, along the way.

As usual under the retrogrades, perfectly normal actions may end up having totally unexpected outcomes, and deep-seated introspection, rather than forward progress, is the order of the day. Read, review, repair, relax. Just expect that the world around you is not going to co-operate with you in the process. [As soon as you sit down to watch that DVD, the doorbell rings; your short trip to the library ends up requiring three detours; those papers you brought home from work to review turn out to be the wrong ones; &c.]

By now you know the drill:  Don’t do it, if you can’t undo it.  When in doubt, “Don’t!”  And during a Retrograde Mercury, as you know, whatever happens is ‘not your fault.’ But then, neither is it anyone else’s. A good thing to keep in mind while you’re arguing over the latest inexplicable [… and unspeakably ugly …] catastrophe.