Three friends were struggling with the Covid Restrictions and we were looking for something to do that would respect restrictions and still allow us to spend time together and get some exercise. Paddleboarding was our answer. 

All through summer, we would get together to paddle, laugh, cry and celebrate together on the beautiful Mississippi. A big part of our outings became getting amazing photos and posting them, as we did this, other women began to want to also go out to paddle. We ended up creating a Facebook group for paddling, so others could join us when we would go out (we called it SUP Bitches).  

We had seen a story on Facebook about some women paddle boarding on Lake Ontario, in witches’  costumes ( . Friends were posting it,  and saying we should do this. Friday, Mother Nature blessed us with an amazing day, and we agreed that it was a sign to do one last paddle, we decided to do the witch paddle, because we wanted this last paddle to be memorable. We owed a lot to the River, and to the people that we met onshore. 

We decided we had to do this, and we organized a mini photoshoot. We had an amazing time. People were thanking us; kids were so excited to see us on the water. It was the perfect way to end one of our best summers ever.

Kristen Ritchie