by Brent Eades

The top-ranked travel site Expedia has just advised us that Almonte has made the list of small towns people should visit for Canada Day in this 150th anniversary year.

It is, if I may say, a slightly odd article in that it features mostly random stock photos rather than pictures of the towns themselves — but hey, it’s sure nice to make another ‘top in Canada’ list.

Expedia says of us:

Resting on the banks of the Mississippi River, Almonte is a true blue Canadian town that maintains a 19th century downtown style, with plenty of modern attractions. Almonte’s Canada Day celebrations are family affairs, with live music, family BBQ, and fireworks at Gemmill Park. While you’re in town, find new treasures at Tin Barn Market or Nine Lives Antiques (Mill Street as a whole is home to a wealth of antique shops). You’ll also want to make a stop into Mill Street Books, which has an excellent supply of children’s stories. And when your tummy starts to rumble, split a platter of calamari and Italian dishes at the popular Cafe Postino.

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