by Diana Filer

1. Scrimshaw is a folk art form of design, first on marine animal bones -. of a whale – tusks, teeth, etc, and later on wood and other similar pieces with hard surfaces .  It was first done by whalers to pass the time, using a sharp-pointed instrument like a scribe or a nail to etch the designs.
2.  Pewter is an alloy composed mostly of tin (90%), and a mixture of copper, antimony, bismuth, and sometimes silver.  Lead is often added to lower grades of the metal.
3.  Mount Logan, in the Yukon’s St Elias Mountain range, is Canada’s highest peak, at 5,959 meters.  It was named for the founder of the Geological Survey of Canada.
4.  On August 16th, 1920, the 19th Amendment allowed American women the right to vote.  Canadian women acquired this right in 1918.
5.  Charles Lutwidge Dodgson is the birth name of Lewis Carroll.  He was deacon of a church in Oxford so he was referred to as the Reverend.