Thursday, August 18, 2022
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MMLT presents The Festival of the Wild Child

Outdoor Family-Friendly Event is Better than Ever! The...

A happy ending for some local snapping turtle eggs

Submitted by Bill & Lynda Levesque Two residents...

Garlic pop-up shop at Union Hall, August 21

Award-Winning Garlic! LAST CHANCE! Sundays August 21st 10 am...
Diana's QuizAnswers to Diana's Quiz - February 17, 2018

Answers to Diana’s Quiz – February 17, 2018

by Diana Filer

  1. Suet is the fat of beef or lamb from the area of the shoulders and kidneys.  Its high smoke point makes it ideal for deep frying.
  2. The Doors was the rock group responsible for hit ‘Light my Fire’.
  3. Qatar still has the world’s highest per capita income.
  4. Basalt is an igneous rock, which is usually retrieved from lava flow.
  5. The deadliest ‘flu’ epidemic in history took place one hundred years ago, in 1918.  It killed more than 5 million people worldwide.




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