1. A ‘slush fund’ was money collected from the sale of slush: the refuse fat in the galleys of ships.  The money was used to buy to buy small luxuries for the ship’s crew.
  1. Mathematical script is now the world’s dominant language, no matter whether the speaker is Arab, English-speaker, Hindi, Norwegian or Chinese.
  1. On February 9, 1928, John Logie Baird sent images of his own face from a studio in London, England, via land line to a transmitting station in Surrey and thence across the Atlantic to a receiving set in Hartsdate. NY.
  1.  Elizabeth I was known to be very fastidious, and bathed once a month ‘whether she needed to or not’.
  1. March 8th is International Women’s Day around most of the world.  Originally called International Working Women’s Day.