by Diana Filer

  1. The LA Dodgers beat the Chicago Cubs, and the Houston Astros the New  York Yankees to qualify for this year’s World Series of baseball.
  2. The Shwedagon Pagoda is the most famous landmark in Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, formerly Burma.  It is the most sacred shrine to Buddhists in the country and is said to contain 8 strands of the hair of Gautama Buddha, among other relics.
  3. The Shakespearean quote was spoken by Othello.
  4. Yasser Arafat was Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization at the time of his death.
  5. The House of Anansi is 50 years old this year, founded by Dennis Lee and Bob Godfrey.  The first person they published was the poet Doug Fetherling.  Anansi is now owned by philanthropist Scott Griffin, who founded the Griffin Poetry Prize.