I had never heard of people having to use garbage tags until I moved to Almonte. I am sure the average Almonte family would only use three garbage bags a week sometimes even less. We, for instance, use only one, but we are a household of two.

With a lot of people taking items to the Re-bound and The Hub, I am sure even fewer bags are put out for households, plus a lot of people use com-posters now.

The only time someone might go over the limit would be if they were moving and doing a major cleanup, but then again some items might go to The Hub/Rebound.

I am sure printing of these tags is not free; either the tax payer pays or the town pays. Either way it's an expense that I feel is a waste of money. I would like to suggest to the town they try a year or two without tags and see how the town's people respond. Bet it works in favour of no tags.

Joan Levesque, Almonte