Monday, May 29, 2023
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LivingBridging generations in Pakenham

Bridging generations in Pakenham


“We know each other – we care for each other.” 

The first of three “community conversations” under the banner of “Bridging Generations” was held with 80 Pakenham seniors on Sunday February 7th at Pakenham Public School.  This forum was organized by a small group of local citizens through a grant from the Seniors Secretariat of the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade as arranged by Mills Community Support.

After a gourmet soup and sandwich lunch Pakenham seniors set to work answering a series of questions regarding what they like about living in Pakenham, and are passionate about; what life will be like in Pakenham in 2021, and the opportunities we should all concentrate on so they can remain in, and be a vital part of, their community.

Here is just a smattering of what was said…  “We’re a friendly, generous community, supportive.” “Pakenham is very passionate about its community and keeping it alive.” “People don’t leave – they have a desire to stay.” “It’s a great place to make friends -diversity – farmers, town people, diversity of ages,” “Keeping Pakenham’s identity within the larger Mississippi Mills community.”


Scribes at each table did their best to keep up with all that was discussed. We urge you to read the complete record of these conversations on the Mills Community Support website then join us for a full community forum at 6:30 pm on March 8th at Pakenham Public School.

This second conversation will focus on topic areas as identified at the first meeting.  These topic areas align with the UN’s Age-Friendly Community program: Community Support/Health Services, Housing, Transportation/Active Transportation, Respect and Social Inclusion/Social Participation, Communication and Information as well as other topics, Business/Tourism, and Community Recreation/Beautification and will be explored in more depth.

Participants in the March 8th event can chose a topic area of interest. Each area will have resource persons to provide, as needed, current information, trends     and /or any other relevant information to ensure the conversation is based in current realities.

Groups will look at simple things that can be done, the “low-hanging fruit,” that can help local seniors as well as the more complex items that can be tackled with the right help.

It’s our belief that by “Bridging Generations” we can help keep Pakenham a vibrant place for all ages for years to come.





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