by Shaun McLaughlin

The final tax levy on rural homes to pay for the soon-to-be-completed septage treatment plant will be determined this summer once all bills are in. Last week Council (with me in dissent) added $10,000 to the total. See my blog for details.

Council plans a special meeting February 29 to again discuss sharing the hydro revenues. I hope this will wrap it up. I am trying to get the rural portion applied to the septage levy to reduce the amount.

The water and sewer budget has been finalized. The general budget is still a work in progress. The town tax increase sits at 8%–way too much in my opinion.

In 1985, the Old Ramsay Council approved a 16-unit subdivision on the river near Glen Isle. With the plan about to expire, the developer asked for one more year to do the required studies. I argued against it (as did four others) because it asks for too many homes in a small area that is environmentally sensitive and prone to flooding. The extension was granted 6-5 in a recorded vote.

The final Council vote for the salary increase for councillors was 8 to 3 in favour of the increase. The original committee vote was 6-4.

On February 23, I will be putting forward a motion to allow the keeping of up to six hens in urban areas. If you support the idea, contact the mayor and your ward councillors.