Just trust your instincts in this coming election – ignore the chatter and know that your vote counts.

There’s much to be thankful for as we head into the final push before the election and I appreciate the questions that keep coming my way.  You’re taking the time to make an informed decision for change in our community and know that I’m your candidate for Deputy Mayor.

An important question was raised this week about what specific ideas I have to bring the various “sides” in this town together.  Interesting how many of you are disturbed by the way current politics are playing out – someone different is needed to bring us together.   I’ve said it all along that I’ve no affiliation with any political group in town and feel that there is no room for this in municipal politics. For me it’s all about working together and building community – and that community includes Ramsay, Pakenham, Almonte and all the hamlets that we choose to live in.

More transparency and openness in our public fora would help – a question period at council and committee meetings that is open to all, town hall meetings, regular ‘report cards’ on town business and projects. I feel that a lot of divisiveness is fuelled by misunderstanding – we must work harder to have a common understanding of the facts. This needs to be a major focus of the new council and will be a key area of concern for me.

You also asked me what approaches could help to attract young families to our area.  Great question! I support more parkland, more sports activities, and more access to nature. I support community building initiatives such as micro-grants that can act as a catalyst to create community activities. I support community/park/garden initiatives that create safe gathering places for children of all ages. I support continued investment in our youth centre and continued investment in infrastructure such as splash pads and playing fields. Day care is essential as is up-to-date health care, and community schools. Meaningful and well-paying jobs are key. The list is long, much of it is in place, but much needs to be done, especially in our smaller hamlets and rural areas.

You asked about my interest in agriculture heritage. I grew up on a dairy farm and believe that we must do all that we can to preserve productive agricultural land and to help ensure the success of family farms.

We need to meet the minimal standard required for the Natural Heritage System and we need to have in place a Community Official Plan that reflects the needs and values of our citizens. The revised plan is in front of County Council and will need to be revisited by our new council. There is a need for public consultation to ensure that growth is responsible and benefits the broader community.  

This has to be a two-way conversation and I will work to make sure your voice is heard.

Your vote is critical. Trust your instincts and keep the questions coming – they’re welcome to ensure that you have the right information, not just chatter, to vote in an informed, new perspective as your Deputy Mayor.

Vote David Hinks for Deputy Mayor.

Check out my website at davidhinks.ca, find me on Facebook at davidhinks2018 or email the team at office@davidhinks.ca