Dear drivers :

Note that there is a very active deer crossing leaving Almonte on Martin St. just past Whitetail Ridge (going north). I have slowed  for countless deer jumping out at this point over the years, day and night, and have had several near misses. I have seen a few dead deer by the road in this zone, and just this week there was a really gory scene of another deer-car collision.

Obviously deer are hard to avoid sometimes but slowing down in the is stretch would help: from the top of the hill just past Whitetail Ridge to past where the railway tracks used to be: This is a Busy Deer Crossing.

Also: drivers need to be aware of the speed limits. So many cars and trucks are going way above the speed limit. There is a lot more traffic in the past few years on Martin St North and I am passed constantly when going the speed limit by drivers who are going like bats out of hell.

Please slow down OK? Thanks.

Chandler Swain, longtime user of  Martin Street