Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Municipal Election 2018Looking forward. Which is your favourite road in Mississippi Mills?

Looking forward. Which is your favourite road in Mississippi Mills?

David Hinks

Perhaps an unfair question as there are so many back roads with stunning vistas, but if I was forced to make a choice, it would be Mountain View Road – it’s a winding gravel road on the edge of a ridge with trees and rocks and alvars on one side and on the other a tremendous view of a valley with rich farmland and distant views of the hills.

I often drive back roads hoping for sightings of birds – on Friday I was not disappointed as a magnificent Bald Eagle was turning lazy circles high over the valley. There are many other roads that are close contenders – there is just so much beauty and nature in Mississippi Mills – one of the many reasons I love this community.

A road I chose to take several months ago was the road to involvement in municipal politics. On June 11th, I filed my papers and became a candidate to be your Deputy Mayor. The road has not been without the odd curve or bump – I’m not so naive that I did not expect them! But, oh my, the rewards have been beyond anything I could have imagined! The chance to meet so many genuinely nice people, a platform to share my ideas as to how we can build a stronger community together, but most of all the enthusiastic support of people I admire, respect and love.

One aspect that has been a bit of a surprise to me is the sense of camaraderie that I have developed with many of the other candidates – some with very different political views.  Perhaps this should not be a surprise, after all we are having very similar experiences – how many signs to order, what areas to canvas, how to figure out the byzantine rules as to where signs can be posted, and on and on. I think this is wonderful and gives me some optimism that whatever the outcome on Monday, we will have a new council that functions well together.

I look forward to a community shaped by all of us with a council working in our interests. Brava and bravo to all who entered the race as we represent the passion of this place. The day after Monday, we are still neighbours, friends and co-conspirators in building the Mississippi Mills that will remain an inspiration to many.

A huge shout-out to you who vote and all who support a new beginning.

Find me at or on Facebook at davidhinks2018





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